GA/D2428/2/40/S - Hereditament Number 3199

Place: Cheltenham
Income tax parish: Cheltenham South
Date when served: 16/02/1915

Occupied by:People holding property:

Type of property: Business


Description: house, shop, offices
Address: 25, Promenade Villas
Size: 584 yards

Gross ValueSite ValueDifferenceTitheAgricultural Value

Description: house, shop, offices
Address: 26, Promenade Villas

Executors: WG Gurney, Essex Place, Cheltenham
H D McCarthy, London
Lessee E E Marfell Esq, 25 Promenade Villas

Additional information:
EDC J McCarthy 13/101/1913
Lease 16/10/1916 £65pa
lease 15/05/1919 £300-400pa
sale Marfell to Cadena Cafe Ltd 02/05/1921 £8500
sale (surrender) Boulter to Cadena Cafe Ltd 25/03/1922 £1250